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Sep 11, 2010

Like a Virgin

"I made it through the wilderness
Somehow I made it through
I didnt know how lost I was
until I found you..."

Doesnt that song take you back?? I love 80's music. Well it seems rather appropriate to me while typing this post. The wilderness is my life as I knew it for the past year... I cant believe its been a year since my last post! I feel like its my first time again ;)
I have been a bad bloggy friend, I'm sorry. Can you forgive me?? SO much has happened. So many changes. I feel like I'm at a point in my life where I am settled, (um if you can call it that lol), and can rejoin the blogging society. I missed you guys!!!
Yes, there will be updates on the family. I promise to slather my horrific happenings on the crisp white squares that are my blog posts. Pictures will adorn my pages for all to see and I think I just might have time to come by and say hello to all my friends ;)

Until next time my pretties... stay tuned!!

Aug 29, 2009

Today He Moves Out - A New Beginning

Its been a rough past couple of months for me. I dont want to start off with the "pity me" vibe, thats not what I'm looking for. I want to fill everyone in on whats going on and why I havnt been blogging. I made a promise to myself...this will not be a continual rant of mine, forever complaining about him.
2 months ago my husband came home, from a lengthy visit to IL where his family lives, and said our marriage is not working and where do we stand. I could see where he was coming from because our marriage has been a rough and bumpy road since he came back. (2 years ago he'd had an on ship affair and moved in with her when they came back from deployment, I was pregnant with E) Went thru counseling, trying to communicate but it boils down to his anger stood in the way of helping either of us heal. He is a very angry man and takes it out on everyone. Also, we were just not in love anymore. Neither of us. We basically decided mutually to raise our kids together and get along the best possible. Little did I know it went deeper with him. He'd decided to move on way before talking to me.
I found out by complete accident that he was in communication with an old high school girlfriend. Now, normally there wouldnt be an issue with this. According to his cell phone bill he'd been talking 20-30 times a day for long periods of time. It felt like a Deja Vu moment. Thats how his first affair started out. I did confront him about it and I glad for both of us he didn't deny he had feelings for her but refused to say if it went deeper, for obvious reasons.
At that time (about 2 weeks ago now) he demanded a divorce. But instead of talking about moving forward and what to do next, his discussions kept going to it was my fault and I didnt show enough love and we'd never be here if I treated him with affection. I can only roll my eyes at this, he threw the same lines at me when he abandoned us the first time. He's trying to justify in his mind what he's doing. And instead of moving on he refuses to leave the house, coming home every day from work complaining how miserable he is and he hates it here and how I disgust him. If he's so miserable why doesnt he leave? The anger got bad. It was to the point where I just had to ignore him. Anything I said would make him go off the deep end.
At one point he'd gone after A screaming at her about laundry.. SCREAMING! Of course I stepped in to sheild her from that. He lunged at me with fists raised saying he wanted to beat my head in.
This behavior was so not good for the girls to be witnessing and now I was scared for them and A was terrified of him. I'd had enough of his anger. I called his CO and filled him in and asked him to "direct" his sailor to find somewhere else to stay. I also told hubby if he got out of line again, there would be no "amicable divorce" like he's been begging me for. There would only be police and handcuffs involved on his part.
So now, today, he is finally leaving us in peace. 3 nights after being threatened to have my head beat in, a month after finding he's been "talking" to another woman, 9 years of anger, and 10 years of marriage later. I finally feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
I feel for the girls when they go to visit him. He has no fathering skills, doesnt know how to take care of them and cant even remember his own daughter has allergies to dairy and soy! Add some anger in the mix when they start fighting and he cant handle it. I wish there was a way to sheild them from having to put up with his crap.
So thats my story and if you've reached the end with me, thanks for listening.
I am hoping by the end of summer, things will be back to as normal as possible and I can get back to business. Blogging and sewing. Both have suffered.
I wish everyone a happy weekend!

Aug 22, 2009

Six Word Saturday - Time To Rebound

Pick up. Dust Off. Move On.

Click HERE to play!

I really wish I could say this Saturdays 6WS wasnt straight thru the heart personal, but it is.
Its amazing how people have so little disregard for others feelings....a husband for example.
Given the complete write off for the second time in our 10 year relationship/marriage. I wish I could be positive about the ending, I'd be fooling myself, and you, if I said there was one.
Hence the six... What I must do with my life. Again.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Aug 20, 2009

Thumbnail Thursday - Dont You Want Somebody To Love?

Allright! Thumbnail Thursday is here again!
Check out this beautiful pic? What is it you ask? Thats all part of the game.
You get to guess!

The first person that leaves me a comment with the correct guess will get their very own picture with link back posted up for next weeks Thumbnail Thursday!
To participate on your blog, grab my Thumbnail Thursdays button to the right and add your name to Mr. Linky for all to see.
Dont forget to leave me a comment and tell me your participating!
Happy guessing!

Aug 17, 2009

Mondays Randomness -What a NUT!

These pic come to me by way of Alaska. A very dear friend of mine has a daughter the exact same age as my B. I met them here in VA at a park playdate our mommies group was having. The girls were about 9 months old and we became fast friends.
Since, she has moved on to Alaska but we keep in touch often. We swap toddler stories, birthday pics and the wonderful occasion when our children learn something new...a first...like opening a jar!

"Taunia learned that Tessa could open up the jar of peanut butter...'all by myself'."

"As you can see, the jar and her hands are covered with peanut butter - you should have seen her desk. She had a perfectly smooth layer on it - and she was fingerpainting in it. AWESOME!"

Thank you, my dearest Taunia for allowing me to share this moment and Tessa for showing us your new achievement! I am so proud of you, keep up the good work!!

Love and miss you all!

Aug 13, 2009

Sew Much Fun Boutique -Personalized Drinkware Line

I dont get to say this very often but, I love my job! I love what I do, I love creating new things and I love even more, seeing the smile it puts on peoples face when they open something I've made for them.
Today I am introducing a new line in my boutique that I hope everyone will enjoy. I know I have.

Mommy & Me Personalized Drinkware is a fun and creative way to show your style and uniqueness. We offer Mommy Travel Mugs, Childs Tumblers, Straw sippy cups, Spout sippy cups and Bowl and Plate sets.
All of these items can be personalized to suit you!
I hope you will take a moment to check out our new arrivals and try them out for yourself!

Aug 1, 2009

Six Word Saturday - Like a Chicken

Where the heck did July go?

Click HERE to play!

Ever feel like you blink and time is just gone? Thats how our summer has been, running, moving, playing, working, facebooking and barfing. Not all in that particular order. Yeah, that last one was not so fun...gotta love stomach bugs.
Today is our once a month, sit at home in our jammies watching silly movies eating junk food on a crappy weather day. I need more of these days, they seem to slow time.
August is cram packed with entertainment too, birthday parties, trips to Water Country and Busch Gardens, visits from friends, sewing sewing sewing and a few play dates thrown in there. Its a wonder the girls still remember where we live. lol
I hope everyone had a fantastic July...please share a highlight of your summer so far!

Jul 23, 2009

Thumbnail Thursdays - The Outdoorsy Type

Last weeks photo winner was Squirrel Queen over at The Road To Here!
Her guess was muffins and sure nuff, it was a close up of the muffin top. What better way to start the morning? My favorite muffin is the good ol fashioned blueberry.
Squirrel Queens contribution today is a beautiful picture.
She is such a great photographer, I wish I had her talent. Visit her blog to see more of her incredible art work.
She had a hard time picking from her massive gallery of animals, insects and flowers (*hint*) but came up with this...

So here's how the game works:
The first person that leaves me a comment with the correct guess will get their very own picture with link back posted up for next weeks Thumbnail Thursday!
To participate in Thumbnail Thursdays on your blog, grab my button to the right and add your name to Mr. Linky for all to see.
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Happy guessing!

Jul 18, 2009

Six Word Saturday -Remembering A Great Anchor

"And That's The Way It Was."

(In rememberance of Walter Cronkite, Iconic News Anchor)

Click HERE to play!

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