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Apr 28, 2009

10 Easy Ways I Help The Environment


Although do not consider myself a tree hugger, I try to do things that help the environment. These things usually help my pocketbook, as well.
1. Pay bills online or over the phone. I opt out of paper billing and read my bills online or have them delivered via email. Yep you are right! Paper is recyclable but someone still has to drive the truck to your house to pick it up.

2. Bring reusable bags for groceries.
People look at me weird when I walk into a shop, or any of my favorite grocery stores, and offer up my own bag to carry my merchandise in. I just cant stand plastic bags and they aren't recyclable! Besides, "green" bags are more durable and hold a ton.
3. We use cloth diapers for our youngest daughter.

Cloth diapers today aren't like what your mama used...they really have come a long way. No more diaper service...just throw them in the wash yourself. My favorites are Bum Genius One Size. You can find them at Cotton Babies or Bumgenius.com. Go check out all the cute colors they have now!

4. We've cut out paper towels and napkins in our house.
I used to think it was ok because most can be recycled but why not just cut them out and use a clean rag or cloth napkin instead?
5. Buy used! I'm not shy about purchasing/getting something used. I've found a freecycle system in my city where I can post my used items for free and others will pick up. (and vice versa) Also Craigslist is a great place to get used household items, childrens items, electronics (this is a big one for me) sometimes clothing. I'd rather have it in my home, if I can use it, than in a landfill somewhere.
6. Use reusable containers for food storage instead of ziplock baggies or plastic wrap.
7. Buy rechargeable batteries. I've replaced most of our batteries in the house (excluding the kids toys) with rechargeable. Many people buy regular batteries and they dont get disposed of properly becoming a major source of contamination in dump sites.
8. Reuse old paper. My husband and I use a lot of paper writing notes or printing articles off the internet for our oldest. Instead of throwing it away when not needed, we let our little ones use it as coloring paper then display the art work in their playroom.
9. Recycle the used printer cartridges!

I have a Hewlett Packard and every cartridge I purchase comes with a prepaid envelope to send back my old ones to the company for them to recycle. How great is that?! There are also some office stores that give you $3-$5 discounts on purchasing a new cartridge when you bring your old one in.
10. Last of all RECYCLE!! Be it the paper tag of those new gauchos I bought, a cardboard box used to ship something to my house, or an empty can from the corn we at a dinner.....I always keep in the back of my mind I need to recycle whatever I can. Teach the kids early and our Earth will benefit from it in the future!


Katie P said...

This is awesome! I agree withe everything :) Cloth diapering rocks!

Veronica Lee said...

Grab the aw-summ award for your awesome blog from my blog.

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