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May 26, 2009

Tuesday Tips N Tricks: Blogging Basics

Wow is today Tuesday already? With yesterday being Memorial day and the hubster having the day off I feel like I missed a day somewhere!

Well here is the tip for the day. Actually its more like a lifesaver for the newbies (ME!) in the blogging world. I really just jumped into blogging not knowing anything and having to teach myself. I have to admit, even tho its takes me longer to get from A to Z, I normally like figuring things out for myself. With blogging there are so many "how the heck to I do that's" I needed to look for one place I could get all the answers. Its perfect for beginners or even intermediate bloggers.
Some of you may already know about this website but like I said, I'm mostly a newbie and just found it like 2 days ago.

The name of it is (drum roll please!)

Blogging Basics 101

They have topics such as:
  • Where to Start
  • Blog Maintenance
  • Buttons and Graphics
  • Etiquette
  • How to do HTML
  • and tons more!!
Its been a life saver for me so if you need some help blogging go check it out, I'm pretty sure the site has most, if not all, the questions to your answers!
Come back and leave me a comment, if you go, and tell me what you think!


Life with Kaishon said...

That was such a great thing for you to point out for new bloggers! I was like you when I started. Just teach myself! So fun but so daunting sometimes, right? : ) Your blog is very pretty!

lvlc said...

Nice! I am a newbie myself and this site was such a help since I like the programing part of blogging and putting up a nice site :) Hope it helps you too!

irina said...

Hi,Dawn!I came here to say Hello and thank you for the comment...


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