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Aug 17, 2009

Mondays Randomness -What a NUT!

These pic come to me by way of Alaska. A very dear friend of mine has a daughter the exact same age as my B. I met them here in VA at a park playdate our mommies group was having. The girls were about 9 months old and we became fast friends.
Since, she has moved on to Alaska but we keep in touch often. We swap toddler stories, birthday pics and the wonderful occasion when our children learn something new...a first...like opening a jar!

"Taunia learned that Tessa could open up the jar of peanut butter...'all by myself'."

"As you can see, the jar and her hands are covered with peanut butter - you should have seen her desk. She had a perfectly smooth layer on it - and she was fingerpainting in it. AWESOME!"

Thank you, my dearest Taunia for allowing me to share this moment and Tessa for showing us your new achievement! I am so proud of you, keep up the good work!!

Love and miss you all!


Mama Mel said...

Wow! My son has yet to be THAT messy! I'm sure his time will come, though... Very cute pics! :)

Eva Gallant said...

What a peanut butter panic! lol

just dropping by from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do the same.

blueviolet said...

What an absolute mess but completely adorable too!

Helen McGinn said...

*LOL* That is a brilliant pic...three baths later.... ;O) x

From Janes Oven said...

Lol how cute!! those are the times when you just can't be mad...awww

carma said...

my fastidiousness is making me want to wipe the sticky through my monitor :D

sweet limes said...

That is so awesome. Something like that recently happened to me, so I just have to laugh.

monica said...

What a mess to clean up but it makes a great story and something to remember! So nice that even through miles that you can be so close friends!

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