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Apr 5, 2009

Spring is in the air!

Havnt written much in the past few days due to spring cleaning. Have you ever gotten a hair up your rear and just started organizing everything?
The sewing room is immaculate, I organized my daughters toy room and got rid of old toys (want some?) , sterilized the kitchen, washed probably 20 loads of laundry (summer clothes), I still managed to get my kiddos out of the house to see their friends. My poor husband thinks I'm nuts doing all of this at once.
On top off all that I've been trying to cram all the information I can into my head about my new embroidery machine and looking for time to get some sewing done and not have it be 2am.
Last I posted, I was planning on purchasing the Babylock Ellageo. I decided against it and bought the Babylock Esante instead. Just as good as the Ellageo but without the color touch screen. I figured, since I would have it connected to my laptop(hellooo color screen LOL) the majority of the time using editing software, I'd save myself $800 or so and get the b/w. I LOOOOOOVE IT! It does everything I need/want AND cooks me breakfast too. HAHA!
So once I get the garage cleaned out (my final project), I plan on taking some more time to update my biz website with the gorgeous outfits I have been making.
Keep your eyes peeled for new summer clothing!

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