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Mar 23, 2009


Friday I decided to finally go machine shopping. I currently have a Kenmore and Juki, both really great machines for beginners but I've outgrown them.
I've been putting off going shopping for 2 weeks now since I am still saving for a new embroidery machine and serger. Honestly, I was afraid if I went in and test drove them I wouldnt have the self control to wait any longer HAHA!
I plan to go BIG! I have done my research for the last 2 weeks and came up with the Babylock Ellure Plus embroidery machine and Image Wave serger. Figure I'd drop some big bucks and not have to upgrade again in awhile. Those are the two I was 100% set on. UNTIL....
My father called me Sunday. He and I dont talk but once every 3 or 4 months since he lives in Alaska (4 hour time diff) and its usually for HOURS at a time. Well our phone conversation consisted of him asking about the biz, the fam etc and wanted to know about my machines. In all my excitement I told him about my plan to purchase new ones and what I wanted. I sensed the whole yawn factor coming into play, you know, men and sewing dont really go well together LOL, so I changed the subject.
BUT today, he called me again and said "Go pick it up". Um excuse me? Couldnt for the life of me understand what he was talking about until he mentioned the sew and vac store and it was ready. My jaw hit the floor... he bought me the Imagine serger! I'd had my eye on the Wave but I'm soooo not complaining.
This evening I went to pick up my serger and looked at the embroider machines again. I REALLY wanted the Ellageo last time I was there. Since I had a set budget, reality was, I couldnt afford it. Now I can! I didnt get to walk home with both, just the serger today. Next week the Ellageo will have a new place of residence at my house!
Here is a look at my new baby...isnt she a beaut?


Anonymous said...

Love your new Baby :) I so need a new machine, mine is giving me an ugly attitude LOL

TwoPrettyLittleSkirts said...

It really pays to purchase something that cooperates with you! LOL I bought the Esante embroidery machine also, LOVE LOVE it.

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