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May 13, 2009

Tuesdays Tips N Tricks: Kick The Junk Mail Out!

This afternoon, I dug out the many papers in my mailbox and start walking up the driveway back to the house. Wouldn't you know it, I dropped them all on the pavement. Talk about a klutz with a capital K. I started to pick them up and noticed about 10 fliers/advertisements/coupons I have no idea where they came from/more mailers from who knows where and no REAL mail to speak of (not that I get much other than bills). I turned right back around and dropped them in the recycle bin.
Every day is like this! The junk mail gods look kindly upon me, heaven knows why. I'm thinking, on my way back into the house (and the kiddos pouncing on me asking for said junk mail), that there has to be a way to remove myself from whatever mailing list I'm on. You know, like the phone number you call to have all your phone numbers put on the "do not call" list. If any of you watch Dirty Jobs w/Mike Row, have you seen that episode with him at the recycle factory? One of the workers tells him the junk mail Americans receive in just one day could produce enough energy to heat a quarter of a million homes. WOW! Time for action.
Here I am, Ms. "Famous for finding everything online", punching in "reduce junk mail" into my google search engine and this is what I came up with...


In a nutshell it explains how we get on the mailing lists and how to remove our names/addresses from them.
The website has all this info...
  • An address to mail a form (or do it online) to get off national mailing lists
  • Information how to get off mailing lists to flyers and ad suppliments such as VAL-PAK coupons (I get this at LEAST once a week) and its pretty easy
  • An address/website to remove yourself from catalogs, mail order lists and magazines
  • PreApproved offers of credit (this is another big catagory we get, like I want 800 credit cards!)
  • Stop getting phone books and reverse directories
  • Charities, non profit, sweepstakes.....
  • and the list goes on!

In all I found the website really helpful so I decided share it with y'all and help you get rid of some junk! I think it took me about 30 minutes to hit most of the websites to have my name and address removed. We all know that unfortunately it wont happen right away and honestly, I'm a little skeptical it will help at all but I have no issues about giving it a shot!
GO check it out! C'mon back here and share your thoughts.

Hmmmmm, if I post the privacy rights act on the door when using the restroom, will my kiddos stay out? What website do I go to for bathroom privacy?


LilyHaven said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. Your blog is great too!! I'll be following you too.


Anonymous said...

I'm also well known for my Google habits :-)

That Lizzy House fabric in the Fabric Shopper giveaway is just too cute, love it!

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