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Jul 7, 2009

Vandalism- All They Found Was Some Change

We have a pretty slow neighborhood compared to most. Usually there is no crime in our little cul de sac. Ever.
We've left our garage door open overnight before and nothing has gone missing. Occasionally I'll run out of the house and forget to lock the front door and everything is in tact when I return. Not anymore.
My hubby's car was broken into last night.
Right. In. The. Driveway.
Good news, nothing is broken. The door was unlocked so they had easy entry.
More good news, they only took the change and a couple of dollars. He doesn't leave much in his car.
The bad news. By process of elimination, we think it was our next door neighbors teenagers based on what wasnt taken, wallet with credit cards.
We've caught them in our backyard at night before using the girls swing set. Obviously the talk with mom n dad did no good.

To Robber:

with Love,
Our Family

Talk about feeling... Violated.

What would you do?


Renee[Q][C] said...

I'd tell the police my suspicions and if I wasn't close the the neighbors I would tell them I suspected there boys.

You don't wanna take chances on your safety. Next time it might be your house.

glenna said...

I've been robbed in more than one small town which we've lived. It makes you feel violated, even if they only take something from the garage when the door was left open in the afternoon. Sad isn't it?
So many people want 'hand outs' and when there isn't a hand out, they simply feel it is OK to take it anyway.

Becca said...

I would tell the teens I know what they did and I'm onto them.
I'd keep all of my stuff locked up.
I'm sorry this has happened to you. This is no fun to deal with.

Ms Cupcake said...

Report it to the police and let them investigate. The kids will only deny their wrongdoing and start harassing your family to intimidate you. I'm sorry this happened to you.

Dropping by from sits and blog hopping. Have a great day. Now following your blog.

Ms Cupcake

Carolyn said...

I'd tell the police what I suspected. Sorry you and your family have to deal with this.

Marina said...

be careful and be safe.The next time you see those kids, warn them and tell them your next stop will be the cops!

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geminigrl24 said...

Time for outdoor cameras!

geminigrl24 said...

Oh and visiting from sits!

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